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Conservation and the Preservation of an Outdoor Tradition

Fisheries Forever knows about your passion for fishing, conservation, and spending time in the great outdoors. We are a state conservation organization, dedicated to stream and lake conservation and the preservation of the fishing tradition.

We provide information about fishing management and stocking programs, support our local and state Wisconsin fisheries programs, and preserve and improve the quality of our state fisheries. With your support, we can pass on the fishing legacy and tradition, and the interest in improving and managing our fisheries, to future generations.

On behalf of our officers and staff, we welcome you to browse our site and learn more about Fisheries Forever and the organization's commitment to caring for our priceless renewable water resources. We appreciate your interest in Fisheries Forever, Inc. and hope that after reviewing our site, you will consider joining our team and supporting our mission… "Working to Preserve an Outdoor Tradition."